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Published on 26 Mar, 2021

Introducing Podhouse

We aim to help people discover and listen to podcasts

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There are 88 million podcast listeners in the US. Podcasts are spreading between internet users and more people are looking for audio-content.

One of the most awesome things about podcasts is that anyone can start to listen or create their podcast. People can listen to podcasts in any specific situation in their daily-basis. Podcasts should be accessible to anyone and our mission is to provide the best web app where people can listen to their favorite podcasts.

Podhouse aims to help people discover new podcasts and listen to their favorites. Built for people who want to listen to podcasts combining with a nice experience.

We are not currently interested in raising funds or taking any investment. We believe that an independent startup can grow faster and focused in the long-time. We plan to be more open as possible, share our revenue, talk more with users and advertisers, etc.

Our mission is to spread podcasts for everyone.

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